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An examination of depression and suicidality in the form of music. There is an ironic shadow lingering behind these loud and often abrasive tracks. I do hope you are able to feel some sort of emotion while listening, as I know this music allows me to actually feel something more than pure apathy.

Review excerpts:

"The EP is really dark in the sounds and settings, creating a really particular contrast between the space and ambience - reminiscent of post-rock and post-hardcore - and typical lo-fi black metal aesthetics, including a synth works that reminds me of the late Burzum." - The Bandcamp Diaries

"In my opinion this is another great sound recording from The Last Surrealist and if you are a fan of experimental and atmospheric sounding black metal, you should check out this ep. RECOMMENDED TRACK "She Is Clenched In The Teeth Of Zombies". RECOMMENDED BUY." - OccultBlackMetalZine


released March 12, 2013

Self recorded by the solo member of The Last Surrealist. I am no one.



all rights reserved


The Last Surrealist Easton, Pennsylvania

Say something real, or don't say anything at all.

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Track Name: With Stretched Out Nihilistic Hands We Embrace Suicide...
Love me as I rest in a bed of
Roses as I lie naked in the
Doorway drifting off to sleep or waking
To a new life dreaming that I
Can escape into the darkened night sky
With the light of a fire burning
The wicker grave where I lie stargazing

Love me as I look into your eyes
Quiet as the shoreline returning
To the edge of a floating world be-
hind my eyes drinking liquor with her Christ
In petty chapel pews vomiting the
Porcelain lies confided in burning
Embers of a child left sinking
In the river under the world

Love me in the morning after
The excited body wanes into the after-
Life as a new creation takes the place of
God and my flesh in unison create the
Endless sphere where you only exist for a
Moment then drift and are placed upon my naked
Body underwater and we may float to another
Dawning world to drink another

Love me for a moment (baby I'm tired)
Can't you fucking hear my words protruding
Through the depressed dirt where I linger
With the footprints of a gypsy universe
Examining my corpse for gold and trinkets
Of meaningless nothing since we're dead and sinking
Exhausted waste in a bottle of brandy
That god is drinking as we're left naked, swimming...
Track Name: She is Clenched in the Teeth of Zombies
Release her body like nectar formed
On Golgotha display the human flesh
Covering the spirits of the carnal dead
Submerged in the blood of a raped form

Tie her body to the wooden cross
To suck the vinegar from the Christ Lord

And baptize the concealed beauty
With vapor decaying viral whore
To sleep in paradise alone

I can't see from this vantage point
That the world is coming to an end
This fucking shit universe left by God for dogs
Is ripping, ripping at our flesh

Let us drink this vile of whiskey
And bury our sorrow with emptiness
The beasts swallow her dying flesh
With no comfort for fucking breath

She rests her head on a paved deathbed
While hallucinogenic visions of a shotgun instead
Sucks the life from the empty preying vessel

I clamber to my feet to aid her escape
The horror surrounds us like the night
It seems no one is left in this place
Except the dead, or the living
Whom set the world ablaze in triumphant sadness

We ready ourselves in a cold sweat
My flesh combines with her flesh
We fuck one another as the only escape

While the dead linger just outside the doorway
My body spasms from the orgasmic flood
And drowns my misery in euphoric nothingness

The zombies break in the fucking house
So many get their brains blown out
I'm all out of ammo so shove a dildo up their
Fucking ass and laugh as I fucking kill myself

She is left on her own but escapes
The attack leaves her heart racing,
Pulsing as she cries to the gods above
"Am I truly left alone?"

Like every good apocalypse
She slits her wrists and slowly drifts
Into the ambient sound waves of night
Where two entwined quietly died
Track Name: To Solve the Existential Crisis with Self-Murder
Take one step backwards
And live forever

Take one step forward
And die forever

I stand still forever
And soon disappear in the illusion
So what does it fucking matter
If I step backwards or forwards
I'm dying forever

I'm dying forever
I'm dying forever
I'm dying forever
I'm dying forever
I'm dying forever
I'm dying forever
I'm dying forever
I'm dying forever